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Nebraska Sunset Soap

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For every $30 purchase, we send one free full size bar of soap (our choice)

Regular Bars are $3.99 Each or 3 for $11

Beneficial Dead Sea Salt Added to Every Bar

Shea & Cocoa Butter Enriched Soap

Why Use Homemade Soap?   What Is The Difference?

There is a major difference in a commercial bar of soap versus a homemade bar.  The difference is the glycerin content.   Glycerin is a natural by-product of saponification, which is the soap making process.  When a commercial soap is processed, the glycerin is removed and sold to the cosmetic industry and others because it is a valuable by-product.  This wonderful glycerin is all left in a handmade bar of soap.

Glycerin is a humectant...a substance which attracts moisture to your skin.  In other words, it moisturizes your skin.  Glycerin is what creates the silky feeling you notice when using a bar of homemade soap.

If you have never used homemade soap before, we certainly hope you try a bar of Nebraska Sunset Soap.  We know you will be hooked, just as we were when we first started using homemade soap.    You will love the way your skin feels when you begin using our soap...you won't believe the lather and the wonderful scents.  In addition, the bar lasts as long or longer than a commercial bar if kept dry between uses.
Check our
Care Instructions

Our customers tell us they would never switch back to commercial bars again.  Read the label of any commercial bar and you will be surprised...they certainly have a lot of chemicals listed.  We know we like reading labels where the ingredients are items we can understand. 

Our soap is not made from a melt and pour base.  Your skin will feel the difference between homemade, 'melt and pour' and commercial bars.  We hand make our soap in small batches to retain total control over the end product. 

 Each batch is made using premium ingredients and craftsmanship.  We like each bar to have a dazzling, artistic look to it.  In this day and age, when we rush so much, we want the few minutes you get to relax in the shower to be an awesome experience.  We are a family based business making a quality product that will allow you to unwind after a long day and know that everything about the product you are using is gentle and kind to your skin...no chemicals involved.  We combine the old time-honored tradition of soap making with modern digital scales for accuracy to produce the gentlest of soaps for you and your family. 

Commercial soap is made from a large amount of animal fats and synthetic chemicals.  These chemicals can rob your skin of it's natural oil.  When we make Nebraska Sunset Soap, we use the very best oils - olive, soybean, coconut, corn, sunflower, palm, castor.  The oils we choose produce a gentle soap that makes your skin feel soft and smooth - while helping to retain it's natural moisture. 

At Nebraska Sunset Soap, we are pleased to be able to create our soap using some of the products grown in rural America, for example, soybean oil, corn oil and sunflower oil.  Shea and cocoa butter are added also to all Nebraska Sunset Soaps.  Shea melts at skin temperature and is famous for its skin softening and moisture retaining abilities.  Cocoa butter is a natural skin emollient.  Pure natural cocoa butter replenishes moisture while reducing soreness from the sun and wind burned skin.  Soybean, coconut and palm oils produce soap that is gentle, has lots of big bubbles, is clean rinsing and lasts and lasts. 

Our goal is to to create a handcrafted soap that has generous lather, a wonderful scent
and is dazzling to the eye. 

So go ahead and pamper yourself . . .


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Nebraska Sunset Soap is certified as Secret Pal Friendly!  We are a secret pal friendly business!  If you'd like to purchase a gift for your secret pal/sister, we make it very simple.  At checkout, please note in the Pay Pal Shopping Cart comments section that the order is for your Secret Pal.  Add their name and address and any gift message you would like included with your order.  We'll get the order out to them right away and it will be done anonymously!   We will not include an invoice with your name or any of your information!  Plus, with each Secret Pal order, we will ship a FREE Handcrafted Guest Soap.

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